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Our Training
Training in Website Designing

Web Designing - Basic

Training in Advanced Website Designing

Web Designing - Advanced

Training in Software Development

Programing Basic PHP

Training in Software Development( Advanced PHP )

Programing Advanced PHP

Training in Software Development( Open Source )

Programing Advanced PHP with Open Source

Why Weboseo Private Limited?

Weboseo Pvt. Ltd. is not an institute it’s a IT company which develop and delivers high end web-based technologies product like software and websites, which also develop according to cloud technologies. After many years of research we found that here in India People generally go for .NET, java and other paid technologies of Microsoft and other companies. Use of open source technologies like PHP, Perl, JavaScript, MySQL etc. is very limited, and perfect candidate in this technologies are very few. That’s why we developed this certified PHP training course so that we can provide high end developers for open source and web-based technologies to industry. Serve our industry in best possible way.

Who will teach and quality of php training?

Here in Weboseo Pvt. Ltd. We don’t teach, we provide you direction and make the way easy so that you yourself learn and explore. We act as your guide and explore the best out of you. We don’t have teachers to teach you rather our programmer, developers and designers team will nourish you and update you with latest technologies in industries. Quality comes automatically when you lean and nourish yourself in directions of our expert team.

What about job and placement after PHP Training?

The biggest Question in your mind is will you get placement? Weboseo Pvt. Ltd. do not make any false promise like 100% placement. Our team gives its best to nourish you and prepare you to face all kinds of interviews. Our team tries to bring best out of you and able to face all kind of situations. So you will get placed not due to us but with your own capabilities which are enhanced and developed in much better way.